Immunity Token (IMTY)

A multi-purpose crypto currency with the objective of raising awareness of global diseases and donating Ethereum to organizations on the front line fighting disease.

ERC-777 Token
(Ethereum Blockchain)
Charity & donations
Betting & Investing

Why Immunity Token?


ERC-20 compliant token

IMTY is a crypto currency that utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain to document the spread of diseases around the world. IMTY enables this way free access of information to the whole world.


Donations & charity

From the Immunity Token total supply, 20% of tokens are reserved for donation to a charity that combats disease. These tokens are exchanged monthly to Ethereum and transferred to a community voted charity.


Future investment

IMTY has many utilities which distinguish it from other tokens in the market. These utilities include Death-Bet (betting on how many people die from COVID-19), for use in the Immunity Casino, Investing in our Hodl program, and donating to charity.

Data & facts

The limited total supply of Immunity Tokens will currently be burnt according to COVID-19 statistics obtained from the World Health Organization. In doing so, IMTY is logging the progression of the virus on the Blockchain, and decreasing the total supply causing deflation. We will burn 1 IMTY for every COVID-19 infection + 2 IMTY for every death associated with COVID-19.

Currently the burns are linked to the current pandemic, but this may change in the future to raise funds for other major diseases.

We look forward to welcoming you to the friendly Immunity team and feel good making profit!

Initial supply of Immunity tokens

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Infections (COVID-19)

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Deaths (COVID-19)

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IMTY tokens burned to date

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IMTY current total supply

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