Immunity token aka IMTY is a multi-purpose crypto currency with the objective of raising awareness of global diseases, donating to help fighting them and investing.

A death-bet system on our website where you can bet your tokens on how many people will die from COVID-19 in a given time frame. Lottery, every week a winner will be randomly chosen (by code, not human), and will win 50% of all tickets sold that week. A casino will be built where you will be able to play games with your tokens such as Poker, BlackJack and Slots.

Yes!! We will set up sell orders on an exchange, once an order is filled, the acquired Ethereum will be sent to a charity that accepts ETH donations. The sell orders will always be the same amount of tokens, so as prices rise, so do the amount of ether donated. We can openly state at what prices the donation sells are set, so people can know they are donating directly.

You can stake LP tokens acquired from providing liquidity to the IMTY / ETH pair on Uniswap. 66% of IMTY earned by staking is vested for 6 months from the time of deposit, 33% is available for withdrawal immediately. The 2 billion IMTY reserve is spread out evenly over a 1 year period, meaning a maximum of around 6 million IMTY is released every 24 hours.

Go to the contract address (stake.immunitytoken.io) and connect your Metamask account which holds your LP tokens. Enter the amount you wish to stake, click stake, pay gas fee for allowance, wait until transaction is confirmed, then pay another gas fee to stake LP tokens. Once that transaction is accepted, refresh the page to see your staked LP tokens. Rewards are paid out the moment you unstake / withdraw your LP tokens. You can only withdraw one deposit at a time, not all at once if you deposited with multiple transactions.

To access the betting screen, you must first connect your Metamask (which holds IMTY) to the application, which is free to do. You can place your bets for the predicted total number of infected cases and deaths to be presented on Coronavirus Dashboard’s website (https://coronavirus.thebaselab.com/) the following Wednesday. Betting will run from Thursdays to Sundays the week prior. For instance, the current number of total infections is 50mil and deaths are 1.28 mil, and you predict that next week Wednesday these figures will reach 55mil and 1.35 mil, respectively. So your bet would be 55,000,000 and 1,350,000. You can place this bet from Thursday to Sunday. There can only be one winner each week with the winner to be announced on the Wednesday! The person with the closest guess wins. The ticket price to place a single bet is 100k IMTY for now but is subject to change depending on the market price of IMTY. These changes will always be communicated in advance. The winner will receive 70% of all tokens entered in the betting pool, with the other 20% reserved for charity and 10% for further project development. There is no limit to how many bets can be placed. For further questions, please feel free to ask in the Discord or Telegram communities.

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