Immunity token aka IMTY is a multi-purpose crypto currency with the objective of raising awareness of global diseases, donating to help fighting them and investing.

The previous developer Dom dumped his wallet and left the Discord, without proof of any work being developed. Since he's got access to the main wallet, we asked the community to cancel buy orders so he couldn't sell anything from the main wallet.

Because of the security breach, we moved into a new contract. We switched to a new and better token, with more security and better development. This coin has been called, as the community decided, Immunity Token ($IMTY). It still is a non-mintable, deflationary coin, and we'll still work with the virus since it's the main concern in the world.

Yes, everyone who held COVID will be airdropped the new tokens, however, not everyone will receive 1:1. If we noticed you helped out the project either by donating or offering to work, you may be eligible for 1:1. Keep in mind this is a new project and we have no obligations to airdrop anything to those we feel do not deserve it. The fact is, we are airdropping out of good will as we too lost on the old corona coins. So if you're thinking of dumping your airdrop on day 1, you will be shooting yourself in the foot, as the ether gained from dumping will be insignificant to the gains possible from hodling and trading your airdrop.  

We are working in a different way than previous CoronaCoins (ncov, covid), with more people in the team and, more importantly, transparency. We are also branching out from those coins, starting fresh and with a much bigger end-goal, not just about the virus.

A death-bet system on our website where you can bet your tokens on how many people will die from COVID-19 in a given time frame. Lottery, every week a winner will be randomly chosen (by code, not human), and will win 50% of all tickets sold that week. A casino will be built where you will be able to play games with your tokens such as Poker, BlackJack and Slots.

Yes!! We will set up sell orders on an exchange, once an order is filled, the acquired Ethereum will be sent to a charity that accepts ETH donations. The sell orders will always be the same amount of tokens, so as prices rise, so do the amount of ether donated. We can openly state at what prices the donation sells are set, so people can know they are donating directly.

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